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Day 46 Kennedy Meadows Zero

Day 46 Kennedy Meadows Zero

beccarae Jun 10th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Another wonderful day in KM. Woke up to another hiker breakfast situation and unfortunately couldn’t finish the massive pancake that lay before me. After breakfast, I went and did all the chores I needed to do like pack up all my stuff, get another days worth of food and then ship the old pack and the stuff home that I no longer need. So I hope... haha

Took one last shower in the outdoor shower which I loved and then we all headed to the general store to camp and get the free spaghetti dinner from legend. Ended up getting another awesome ride in the back on a truck with a group of people. That always makes my day.

The sphaggetti dinner was really nice. It was family style led by Legend. He made us go around and talk about the trail and how it’s been so far. He put us on the spot but I did enjoy hearing everyone’s narrative. Made me appreciate the folks I’ve been hiking with that much more. Very grateful and I hope this high continues with them. It reiterated my original reasoning for doing this; it’s the people. And now we are about to be in the Sierra! Feels like a new beginning. I really enjoyed how he ended the conversation with this is your story, make it as you will, do as you will and run with it.

Also a wonderful friend from home sent cookies! They were delicious! It was nice getting love from Home and sharing it with the crew.

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Forrest Gump Jun 10th, 2021

Hurry up! I’m already in Bishop 🙃