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Day 45 Kennedy Meadows Zero

Day 45 Kennedy Meadows Zero

beccarae Jun 10th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Had a kick ass day at KM with the homies. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise outside of Grumpy’s and headed there to wait til they opened. It was so nice knowing we were going to hangout there for a couple of zeroes.

Grumpy’s opened and we all piled in to get in line for the hikers breakfast with unlimited pancakes. It was delicious with this huge ass pancake that I could not finish. My favorite part was the diner style coffee that’s slightly burnt with unlimited refills. Loved it.

Overall great day of resupplying and getting ready for the Sierra. Fly even gave me a shakedown which was super helpful. He helped me pick out about 3 pounds of stuff to send home.

Had some drinks with folks and saw some familiar faces walk into Grumpy’s that I haven’t seen in a while. Overall great day.

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