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Day 44 687 to Kennedy Meadows

Day 44 687 to Kennedy Meadows

beccarae Jun 8th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Made it to Kennedy Meadows! Craziness! So stoked to finally be here. This whole thing feels like a dream honestly. Stoked to have the desert behind me. So over it. And I never want to do that again. Super proud of myself tho, but holy shit nope.

I woke up pretty excited and before everyone this morning. Packed up my shit and said bye to the desert. I made it almost to the meetings spot and the crew started to catch up. We decided the night prior to meet at mile 698 to get to 700 together. And we did it! Then we all hiked into Kennedy Meadows together. So wonderful. Just happy everyone was down and wanted to do it together.

We made it to the general store and had our lunch and drank our drinks. So good. Ran into Tiger Blood and caught up with her for a bit which was nice. Then just chilled with the crew and pet all the animals that were around, which were a shit ton.

I even saw the old crew Stretcgh, Anna, and Rocky for a brief sec which was sweet. And ofcourse they still decided not to take a zero. It’s incredible. Love then but happy with my decision.

Made it to Grumpy’s at the end of the day and had a massive dinner and a couple of margaritas which really hit the spot. Now we are all camped here ready to chill for the next couple of days. Let’s get it!

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