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Day 43 Joshua Tree Spring to 687

Day 43 Joshua Tree Spring to 687

beccarae Jun 7th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up ready to get out of this damn desert. Last full day of desert. I kept saying that to myself. Luckily it wasn’t too hot so it passed on quickly. Walked mostly by myself which was nice. I think I prefer that honestly.

I ran into Lindy, the hiker who was helicopter rescued the other day. It was really good to see her back out and just to catch up. She’s pretty awesome. Hope she stays alright and healthy.

Mostly chill day until I saw a random house in the desert and had a weird feeling there might be trail magic at the campground where I was planning to lunch. Sure enough there was! Ron from the fire ranger station was there giving out hot dogs and cold drinks! It was amazing! I couldn’t believe it. Everyone ended up showing up and we hung out for a few hours. We ended up having to leave to make our last ascent out of this god damn hell of a desert. So thankful. Thankful for this crew and everyone in it.

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