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Day 39 Tehachapi to mile 587

Day 39 Tehachapi to mile 587

beccarae Jun 3rd, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up at 4am this morning to get a hitch back into trail before the beat kicked in. Wasn’t super great getting up that early, but was able to get a lot of miles before it got really hot which was nice. Orange Slice, Tater and I set off. The trail angel picked us up and drove us to the trail head. It was a bit of a slog this morning with a heavy water carry and 6 days worth of food to get to Kennedy Meadows. I am so ready to be there!

Took a rest at the top with orange slice. We saw a dude off the trail a bit napping and realized it was survivor so he came to over to hang. We chatted for a bit and then hiked to the water source when the heat really started to kick in. We laid there with tater and another big group for a few hours. Then fly and manfunk showed up. And also hazmat. It was a nice little chill spot.

We watered up for the next dry stretch and hit the trail. We all met four miles later and set up camp. It’s a beautiful, cozy little site. I’m already looking ahead at tomorrow’s campsite and apparently you can see Whitney! So stoked to get there and see that. I may cry. I really like the folks in this group so we shall see what happens! It’s been fun hopping around a bit. I definitely want to hike with a crew through the Sierra just for safety reasons and also to have a kick ass time. Until then. Goodnight!

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