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Day 90

Day 90

Gold Rush Jun 4th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

6/4/21 Spent last night at Blackrock Hut which was nice. Rained during the night. Left hut climbed up short distance on boulders to Blackrock with nice views. I miss Piper especially when I want someone in the picture at views. Nice weather got to Dundo picnic area to dry wet things. Looked at email. Easy Rider came by and it was nice to see him. From Pikesville MD. If I had a son wish he was like him or a son in-law. Hike from there relatively flat smooth trail. Some blooming mountain Laurel and took pictures of trees and plants to view on iNaturalist. Then 2 separate brief heavy rainstorms and then sunny right afterwards like what occurs in Florida. Then went to Loft Mountain Store right off trail and got a Big Meadows Beer, Diet Coke, ice cream and a cookie. It was sunny dried wet things. Trail then went down then up then down to Pinefield Hut. Nice views during that section. Friendly people at hut and only one local hiker staying in hut so I will sleep in shelter. Amazingly a couple came to the hut rolling a cooler with trail magic. This was a first. Had a beer,coke, oranges and donut holes and Reese’s peanut butter cup. Again such kind people. They lived locally.

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