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Day 89

Day 89

Gold Rush Jun 3rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

6/3/21 Hiked a little over 13 miles to next shelter. Hikers at previous shelter yellow blazed(didn’t hike) after getting to Skyline Drive. Got a ride to Loft Mountain where they have a store,campsites where you have to pay. Yellow blazing is named for the yellow lines on a road. As they say hike your own hike. Saw really no one on the trail. There was trail magic with water and Gatorade left on the AT for hikers to take if needed. people can be so kind. There was no water for about 12 miles on the trail. Rain was forecast but didn’t appear until about 3:30 PM and the skies opened up After 35 minutes it was over. Reached Blackrock hut at 4:30 PM and there was only a father and grown son. Other hikers slowly trickled in as they did about 20 miles. One had a husky well behaved so made think more about Piper. I am sleeping in the shelter as it may rain tonight and it makes it quicker to get out in the AM. Hike today easy relatively flat and trail smooth without rocks. No views but beautiful flowering mountain Laurel.

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Comments (2)

btzimr Jun 7th, 2021

Love the flowers... and the generosity of trail angles :-)

mgrush Jun 6th, 2021

Beautiful flower photos! Keep em comin’!!