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Day 38 Tehachapi Zero

Day 38 Tehachapi Zero

beccarae Jun 2nd, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up pretty early. We went to the hotel lobby where they had grab and go breakfast. We hung out in the room mostly all day which was nice. We did go to the German bakery where I caught up with stretch, sway, and Rocky. I was sad to see them head off after hiking with them the last few weeks. Hopefully I’ll see them again. I’m pretty sure I will in Kennedy Meadows. They are just pushing miles pretty hard and I want to slow down and chill.

After saying bye, got back to the hotel room where everyone was hanging and saying their goodbyes to koolaid who unfortunately has to get off trail. Hes such a wonderful guy! Met him only a few days ago but I really hope I see him again. We all had our heart warming moments today. Feel like I’m already part of another group which is really sweet. We had pizza pie and berry pie. Was an excellent day. Now getting ready to get out at 4:45am tomorrow to beat the heat. Ready to get to Kennedy Meadows to see the Sierra!

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Forrest Gump Jun 3rd, 2021

You’re not far behind me! I am double zeroing in Kennedy Meadows!