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Day 37 Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi

Day 37 Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi

beccarae Jun 2nd, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up with no wind. It was awesome. Packed up camp and left around 6 to book it to Tehachapi. I kept debating on where I’d get off at because there are two different exits for Tehachapi. The morning was pretty chill and started to heat up. I came upon the first water source where a red umbrella magically appeared out of nowhere. Koolaid and orange slice were already chilling. I sat next to koolaid and he offered me some of his red apple. I took a few delicious bites while the rest of their crew showed up. We hung out and chatted about getting to Tehachapi. They all were getting off at the first exit so that’s what made up my mind. We snacked and headed off.

A few miles later, a helicopter started flying all around us. I couldn’t tell if they were patrolling or what. Then i guess it spotted it’s target which was Lindy, a PCT hiker who was suffering from heat exhaustion. I saw her being airlifted up into the helicopter. It was crazy! She was hidden in a couloir so I ran just in time to see it all happen. I heard she’s okay and already wanting to get back out on trail. After that excitement, we hoofed it to Tehachapi where we easily got a ride. I ended up getting a room with orange slice and Tater tot and chilling with their whole gang. Was so happy to get to town and get ready for a zero.

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