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Day 36 Hiker Town to Tylerhorse Canyon

Day 36 Hiker Town to Tylerhorse Canyon

beccarae May 31st, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up stupid early and slightly grumpy that the plan had changed from chilling for the day and doing the rave walk. Everyone trickled out and the air was already starting to heat up.

It was so cool to see the aqueduct in the flesh. It’s one of those talked about events on trail and to actually be standing on it was surreal. This stretch was also supposed to be the windiest on trail and ofcourse, the day we decided to do this, there was no wind at all. So we were walking through the Mojave desert in 90 degree weather instead of doing this at night.

Thank goodness I ran into Rocky and we talked about everything. She was peeved too. We ended up stumbling upon a random ice chest with delicious cold drinks and boiled eggs. I was glutinous and had two of each. I didn’t care. We chilled and got a move on. Finally ended up at the bridge that’s the only shade for miles when we saw the others. We laid there for hours until the weather cooled down and the wind picked up making it even cooler.

The gang wanted to do 14 more miles on top of the 17 we already did and I knew that wasn’t happening. I was so tired. I ended up doing 7 more, still a long ass day. I told them I’d see them in Tehachapi. Florida man and another guy is camping here too. I cooked by Florida man and we caught up. He’s a sweet dude too.

Been thinking about the folks I’m hiking with. I really like them a lot, just not sure if how they’re hiking is matching up with what I want to do. They haven’t even taken a zero day since starting trail and I’ve been back two weeks without one and am in desperate need. And just how the change went down about the LA aqueduct walk was a bit strange. I have a feeling I’ll probably zero alone in Tehachapi and that’s okay. I might try and catch up with them at Kennedy Meadows.

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