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Day 35 Bouquet Canyon to Hiker Town

Day 35 Bouquet Canyon to Hiker Town

beccarae May 31st, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up with dampness in the air. It was the first time it felt humid on this trail. Was ready to see Hiker Town for the first time so that got me going. The crew left camp and started the climb. I had to slow down because my blood sugar felt low even though I had pop tarts. I really think I need to start eating more for breakfast. I pulled over on trail and took a break for a bit, drank some electrolytes, and ate some food. I felt better after 20 minutes so I got up and headed out. The walk was really nice. Ended up walking with Smokey a bit and we chatted. Super cool guy. He was telling me about being a forest fire fighter.

I eventually made it to Green Valley where stretch and Rollercoaster were hanging out. This trail angel Drifter was a friend of smokies and had been waiting for him. They met on the Arizona trail, he’s also a triple crowner. Lucky for us, he wanted to feed Smokey so we got in on that too. He laid out a picnic of fruits, snacks, cold drinks, and even made us Mac n cheese! It was sooooo delicious. Such a nice guy. We chilled and said our goodbyes to hike the rest of the miles until the fire closure, which we decided to hitch around.

We eventually made it to the start of fhe fire closure where Smokey showed up and his friend drifter again who again gave us cold sodas! This dude is awesome! We waited til our ride came at 4, went around the fire closure and back on trail to Hikertown. I was so ready to get there. We got there finally; the place looked like a nice shanty town with many random buildings painted to look like a tiny town. It was so cool. We rented out one of the RVs for 40 bucks total. I also ran into a bunch of folks I haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice.

We decided to go to the market near hiker town. While we were there one of the tramily members changed their mind about wanting to do the LA Aqueduct at night and do it early in the morning instead. We had been talking about doing a little walking party at night with glow sticks and all that jazz for a couple weeks now so it took us all off guard. Everyone decided to do that and I was pretty bummed. Things change. Just kind of changed the feel of things. Wish something would have been said much sooner.

Anyways, went back to the RV and passed out knowing we were getting up early.

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