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Day 32 413 to 436

Day 32 413 to 436

beccarae May 27th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Sat up and realized Rocky made it all the way to our campsite. I thought I heard something move around last night, definitely thought it was an animal, but realized it was a human and tried to go back to sleep.

Hit the trail at 6, it was a chilly morning, which makes for excellent hiking. Stretch and Odysseus sped up ahead. Rollercoaster and I hiked together on and off. We took a break at the Messenger Camp area which was really nice. Actually took a nap there. I love getting bigger miles in the morning and then chilling in the evening with a decent break. We met spirit and a few others there.

We headed out and stopped at the North Fork Ranger Station where a bunch of folks gathered. Saw Tigger, Blue, Bonobo, Gamechanger and met Fire ball and her sister Cale. We ended up setting camp in these horse corrales. Currently laying in one all to my own cowboy camping on the PCT for the first time! I can hear the power lines above crackling in a white noise kind of way.

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