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Day 2 - Hauser Creek to Kitchen Creek

Day 2 - Hauser Creek to Kitchen Creek

Forrest Gump Apr 26th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke around 5:30 this morning though truthfully I barely slept. We had 3 older men snoring all night and resorted to putting my headphones in with rain sound to drown it out. I’ve had “Take it Easy” by Thr Eagles incessantly stuck in my head and as I write this I still do. Anyway, I woke and made a breakfast of greens and then went to get water. I had to dance around the poison oak and contort my body so I wouldn’t touch it. And all for nothing it turns out since the water was absolutely disgusting. It tasted like sulfur and smelled like poop. Even 2 nuun tablets wouldn’t do.

I left camp around 7 and the climb up Hauser Canyon was socked in by a cloud and it was beautiful. The air was cold and the climb felt like nothing. I’m glad I stayed where I did last night rather than attempting to do this climb last night. The clouds broke on the top and I could see lots of fog off in the distance over Morena. I went very slow and took a long break at the top. When I descended to Morena it was packed with non hikers and a few hikers I hadn’t met. I didn’t really feel like a burger or food so I just got water and kept going. Back into the arid desert the trail went but I really enjoyed it. I only saw a few hikers and I’m not sure if they were thru hiking. This trail has surprised me with how little people there are here in comparison to the AT. I also enjoy that.

Midday the trail passed through the Boulder Oaks campground. I took a long break and met up with Ziggy again. I made my roasted veggies and hummus and it was delicious. Lance came by followed by Michael and then Cara (all of whom were at my camp last night). When Cara arrived she told me some random guy just tossed her a $100 bill out his truck at her. Even though I was the first there I was the last out. I’m enjoying going slow for a change. The last climb was hot but not hard. I wet my buff and wrapped it around my neck and used my sun umbrella to help. I arrived at Kitchen Creek where Ziggy was bathing. Lance was right behind me as we climbed down the steep spur trail to the campsite by the creek. There’s was large golden glistening pool and a beautiful running creek at the entrance to a canyon. This is one of the best campsites I’ve ever had. It’s a bit windy but I think my tent will hold. It’s set up above the creek and I can hear it running below me.

I feel very thankful today to be out here. It’s been a beautiful two days and my energy is very positive. We all climbed in our tents around 6:30 since the wind was cold even though the sun was up. I had ramen and soup tonight and feel full and healthy. No pain today. Just minor muscle fatigue. Overall a great day.

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teepee Apr 27th, 2021

Great pics; sorry about the poop water. Sounds like your body is responding well. Keep taking it easy —Jeremy using teepee’s acct