Day Twelve: Muskrat Creek Shelter

Day Twelve: Muskrat Creek Shelter

Forrest Gump Apr 9th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today I did a Nero from Bly Gap to Muskrat Creek Shelter. It's my first time staying in a shelter. It should be interesting. I'm sleeping next to Silence, Naps, and a few others I haven't met yet. When I arrived I spent time by myself and read some of my book. I was able to get service so I texted mom and dad to let them know how I was doing. Man, I hate how much I hurt today and hope and pray that after this Nero I can get some good miles in tomorrow. I could barely walk when I left camp and I think in total I did less than 3 miles.

I met Chance, Greg, Kaitlin, and Christine today. When Chance showed up we went and did the Raven Ridge Trail. There was a plane wreck and some amazing views. It was really eerie seeing a plane wreck but I'm glad we took the side trail.

Tomorrow I would love to do 8-10 miles and hopefully reach Franklin by Sunday. Though I'm still in pain I'm still really happy out here. I just want to move on already and enjoy each step which I am not currently.

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