Days 46 - 47: Iron Mountain Gap to Overmountain Shelter

Days 46 - 47: Iron Mountain Gap to Overmountain Shelter

Forrest Gump May 12th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today started very strong. We made 4 miles really quick. However, we got sucked into a hostel and ended up doing a nero. There was a sign within the first couple of hours for the "Greasy Creek Hostel" and a short side trail led to it. When we arrived we all ordered some burgers and food and laid on the couch and the porch. A few hours in it started to thunder, lightning, and rain so we were thankful to not be getting soaked. To kill time, Blue and I massaged each other.

Once the rain let up we left and went back to the gap where the side trail led and ended up setting camp there since the sun was setting. Somehow I was able to get a fire going despite how wet it was. We hung out, ate some more, and went to bed. That's pretty much it for today.

Today was our first big hike in a while. We hiked 17.4 miles all the way to the "Big Barn Shelter", or Overmountain Shelter. On the way there we walked over Roan Mountain and sat at the top to take in some sunshine and views. I stopped on the climb up and sat alone for a long time and just observed nature. I learned that slugs can dangle from their slime since there were dozens of them doing so. Once down Roan we had a handful of bald summits to go over which were beautiful and covered with vibrant green grass. Blue, Bullet, and I stopped midday and shared a bit about our lives again which I always enjoy. The climbs were tough but thankfully I didn't feel sore for most of the day.

The shelter is an awesome red barn that has a loft where we're all sleeping. A couple was waiting at the shelter with trail magic full of watermelon and Gatorade. We made tea in the shelter and hung inside. It was nice to be out of the wind. A hiker named "Monkey Business" who apparently works in some sort of circus has glowing balls on the end of ropes. She came up and performed a mesmerizing show for us which was such a nice treat. Another awesome day on trail.

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