Days Four to Five: Zero and Trail Magic

Days Four to Five: Zero and Trail Magic

Forrest Gump Apr 2nd, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Yesterday was a slow day. We took a zero here in Neels Gap. We hung at the Blood Mountain Cabins and made a breakfast hash and then we sat at the lodge using WiFi. Then we walked over to Mountain Crossing and set up our tents behind on very slanted ground and took a zero.

The run down Blood Mountain yesterday is proving to have been a terrible idea. My ankle is in lots of pain and is making a creaking feeling when I walk. I hitched a ride into town with a girl from Mountain Crossings and got Icy Hot to hopefully help a little. I'm hoping and praying that the zero will heal my ankle so I can push on with the group tomorrow.

This morning we left Neels Gap despite my hurt ankle. We hiked about 10 miles to someplace between Hogsden Gap or whatever it's called and Low Gap. Somebody who I'd met before my hike on Instagram is also hanging with us tonight. We made a fire and I'm currently laying in my tent during a pretty intense rain storm and as always I hope I stay warm and dry tonight.

We had some great trail magic today with a Christian ministry who set up a tent in the middle of nowhere at a road crossing. There were chips and snacks and hot chocolate and I iced my foot and was given a heat wrap for the night. It was wonderful.

I think I should split up from the guys soon and meet some new hikers. I love hanging with them but I want to make sure I meet more people on the trail. I'm really loving it out here. Even with my foot injury, things have been better than any day job or life back in Nashville. I wouldn't trade it for anything and there's not a chance I would quit this. I'm hoping I can take another slow day tomorrow and feel better.

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