Days 41 - 45: Erwin, TN, Slackpacking

Days 41 - 45: Erwin, TN, Slackpacking

Forrest Gump May 10th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

We woke this morning and I started a morning fire to get us up. This usually slows us down but we managed to leave camp by 8am. We moved quick and made really good time. On the way I saw my first snake slither across the trail. It was a long black snake, very likely non-venomous. As is tradition, we stopped to take photos at the overlook of the Nolichucky River.

Snacktime, Blue, and I hiked made it into Erwin around noon. At the bottom of the climb we passed by Uncle Johnny's Hostel so we decided to stop in and split a pint of Cherry Garcia. Town was a few miles away so we hitched a ride to the local Pizza Hut which unsurprisingly had mediocre food. Across the street was a family dollar so we went to resupply and I purchased myself a pair of cheetah-print leggings. We were still a ways from the Motel 8 in town so Snacktime called Miss Janet and she gave us a ride. After we checked in I went to the local Huddle House by myself (a place I'd never eaten in my life) and felt awful after my meal.

Cameron, my brother, will be meeting us in Erwin in a couple days which I'm really excited about. Peanut also had to leave the trail for a few days so we hugged each other for a super long time and had some great laughs before she left. Tomorrow I think I'll slackpack to make good time.

Not a whole lot happened today. I just spent the day hanging in Erwin with everyone else. I started to feel stir-crazy and anxious about sitting around but maybe I needed a zero. Can't wait to get back on trail tomorrow.

This morning started out by checking out of the motel and heading to a coffee shop where we waited for Cameron to meet us. Once he arrived we decided to do a 9 mile slackpack to Indian Grave Gap. They're camping here tonight with their puppy Sunday and it's so fun to have them here for a little while! It's been such a fun day with them. I made a huge fire tonight and we had S'mores around it. Tomorrow we'll slackpack again.

I started this morning as usual, with a fire. Cam and Kate left to get breakfast together and met us later in the day with some drinks. Cam came and hiked a few miles with me and we had the best time just hanging out and chatting. I'm so thankful he came out here. He seemed to struggle a bit, but to be fair, we've all hiked hundreds of miles at this point. After we finished and set up camp, Cam and Kate brought me out to dinner in Johnson City, TN. They brought me back to camp and I snagged some Ben and Jerry's for everyone. I'm really happy they came out and wish they could've stayed longer. Before bed, Blue and I had some pillow talk and shared about how both our parents were going through a divorce, our past relationships, and life. It was nice to get to know her a bit more.

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