Days 37 - 38: Fire Tower, Jones Meadow

Days 37 - 38: Fire Tower, Jones Meadow

Forrest Gump May 3rd, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today was a really nice day. We got a late start since we had to wait for our ride to get us at the cabin before returning to town. We ended up doing a shorter day and staying at the base of a fire tower. We hiked in a large group since it was getting dark out and none of us have done much night hiking. It was a beautiful hike. My pack was so heavy from resupply but I wasn't too bothered for a change. As usual, we made lots of dumb jokes and all laughed the entire day and into the night. We hung out around a fire and the community felt so nice. We seem to have a great group.

I got a late start this morning after an exceptional sleep last night. One of the members in our trail family, Ambush, seemed really off today. He said he was only going to do 8 miles and ended up doing 14 with us anyway. Again, I spent most of today hiking alone and it was wonderful. I've finally started listening to music again and it helps pass the time and sometimes makes everything seem more beautiful. I've mostly been listening to The Avett Brothers which seems fitting for North Carolina.

The weather was beautiful today and it ended up getting so hot that I was sweating most of the day. It was a welcome change from the more recent cold we've been experiencing. Midday I ended up bumping into MP, Snacktime, and Peanut. The others left but Peanut and I had a long talk about why we're out here and a bit more about our lives. It was really nice to get to share that and learn that about each other. It feels like the friendships formed out here happen so fast and feel so real.

We finally reached camp and for some reason Peanut, Snacktime, and I set up our tents basically on top of each other so we all slept very close. We had a good laugh about it. Another great day.

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