Days 34 - 36: Hot Springs

Days 34 - 36: Hot Springs

Forrest Gump May 1st, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today started off pretty sucky. It was freezing and as expected I got completely soaked in my tent. I'm tired of being in my tent and waking up wet and cold. I have an issue where condensation gets on me tent walls, then on my sleeping bag, then on the roof my tent, then again on my sleeping bag. Breaking down the tent was also quite miserable. My hands went numb during it and stayed numb for the first half of the day. Thankfully today was all downhill into Hot Springs. Even though I started well before them, Bullet and Blue caught up to me and got to town before I did.

Once we got into Hot Springs a few of us ate lunch at the local tavern on the river. Hot Springs is a cool little town that has decent shops, resupply, etc. It's probably my favorite town yet. Since we'd booked a place that was 30 minutes out of town we just hung around until we figured out a ride. A group of us sat on the sidewalks while a few others played guitar and ukulele and we all had some good laughs. Later in the day we were able to find a ride in the back of a pickup after resupplying. A bunch of us piled into the back for a long, windy, cold ride to the cabin.

The cabin ended up being even better than we hoped. It was our own private cabin with a hot tub, large yard, and plenty of space for all of us. We baked cookies and pizza and had such a fun night.

This morning we woke and Samwise made us some delicious crepes. We had a very relaxing and fun day. We soaked in the hot tub, washed and dried out our gear, made bread, had handstand competitions, made s'mores, and finished it off with a group game of "Mafia". This was the best zero yet.

Today is beautiful. I'm sitting out front of the cabin alone to have some silence. I love the group but I always need some alone time to recharge. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the trail. Life out here is so much better than back home. Everyone is so free-spirited and I feel like I'm starting to become that way too which is a big change for me. We laugh all day long and feel completely free. I love it.

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jabowocky Apr 2nd, 2020

The photo of the haunted wooded trail is awesome

Forrest Gump Apr 2nd, 2020

Agreed! I loved when the trail was like that