Day Three: Lance Creek to Neels Gap

Day Three: Lance Creek to Neels Gap

Forrest Gump Mar 31st, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

This morning we hiked from Lance creek over Blood Mountain and down to Neels gap. I was excited to get down to rent a cabin and I was anxious that they'd get booked up before we got down there. So, I jogged down Blood Mountain hopping from rock to rock until I made it gap. It was a strange and exciting feeling coming to a road and civilization.

I was able to snag us a cabin before they were gone and hurried to shower. I can't say that I felt that dirty since it had only been three days. After showering, we hitched a ride down to Blairsville with the guys. Aaron made us tacos later at night and we stayed up late and made loads of dumb jokes. I laughed so hard and felt full. Life is good and I am so happy. It's like a dream. I love it here. Tomorrow we will zero.

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Bedhead Feb 18th, 2020

There's that pose again...