Day 30: Pecks Corner Shelter

Day 30: Pecks Corner Shelter

Forrest Gump Apr 27th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today was the most beautiful day yet on trail. It was sunny all day and we had spectacular views. We ended up doing 15 miles total which is a bigger day than I'm used to but I feel really good. Today also was the coldest morning yet. I couldn't even feel my fingers for a while this morning and breaking down my tent was quite miserable since it was cold and wet.

I was feeling really irritable today and wanted to hike alone so I hurried up and left camp before everyone else. After a while I kept feeling water dripping on the back of my legs and I stopped to investigate. My bladder was leaking inside my pack and everything was soaked. Despite my efforts to leave early and hike alone, fixing the bladder took so much time that I could hear some of the group catching up behind me. Thankfully we had a parking lot immediately ahead and we all stopped to dry things out. The sun was so warm and I enjoyed the camaraderie.

Once my gear was dry I made sure to leave ahead of the group again to get some distance between us and more alone time. I stopped for a break at a known view called "Charlie's Bunion" and had a snack. It felt so nice to take in some views and have it to myself. As the day went on I ended up meeting up with Ambush and Bullet. The three of us sat and looked over a cliff as the sun was setting and had some great conversation about the trail and life outside.

All is well and I'm happy to be here. Tomorrow I think we'll end up doing 20 miles, my biggest day yet.

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