Days 22 & 23: Zero to Locust Cove Gap

Days 22 & 23: Zero to Locust Cove Gap

Forrest Gump Apr 20th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

Today was pretty slow for me. I mostly hung around with Viking. We ended up getting a hitch into town for resupply from a man named Bill from PA. He was staying at the NOC for leisure and offered us a ride. I bought a pizza, loads of fresh veggies, and even more unhealthy and sugary snacks which mostly included Little Debbie chocolate rice caramel cakes.

When we got back Jenna, or More Please, showed up and we all ate lunch together and hung out. I'm hoping I get to hike a little bit with them since I enjoy their company. Other than that I've just been relaxing since it's been raining torrentially all day. The plan is to hit the trail tomorrow and make it to Fontana in three short days.

Today was amazing and by far the hardest yet. It was uphill the entire day leaving the NOC. The trail was also super muddy from the recent rain so much of today was skating uphill. Viking and I met up about an hour into the day and hiked the rest of the day together. When we were stopping to filter water two girls, Bullet and Blue, showed up. They're both 20 and from North Carolina and Oregon. We hiked to the summit of Cheoah Bald where there was an excellent view and the four of us sat and had lunch. I ended up trading some cheese and sausage slices with Blue in exchange for some of her Mountain House apple crisp once we got to camp. I think it was a very fair trade. We made it camp at Locust Cove Gap around 3pm.

We all setup our tents and a quick rain storm hit us so all of us laid in our tents while it passed. Once it had, Viking and I got a fire going. I've always loved building and tending to fires so I kept it going all night. It was the most fun I've had around a fire yet. There were about a dozen of us including Sherpa, Ukelady, Possum, Blazer, Flame Thrower, Artichoke Boots, More Please, Captain Jack, Bullet, Blue, and Marley. Everyone hung around the fire while Marley played music and we sang along, told stories, and laughed. It finally feels nice to have community out here. This is my favorite night yet.

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