Days 18 & 19: More Rain and Mud

Days 18 & 19: More Rain and Mud

Forrest Gump Apr 14th, 2015
Forrest Gump's 2015 Thru-Hike

I finally left Franklin this morning after far too many zeros. Though, I think I really needed to rest my body and give it time to heal. So far everything has felt fine except for some pain on my right outer ankle. That became incredibly painful toward the end of the day. In total I hiked 8 miles today and am staying at Siler Bald Shelter. There are a handful of people here tonight including someone from Boston named Hardware. Peacock told me she was coming here tonight but I've been here for a few hours and she's yet to show. Today was cold and wet the entire day and it feels nice to be under a roof. I did somehow manage to keep my feet dry all day and then on the way to the shelter I stepped in a creek and soaked my foot through.I'm really hoping the rain lets up so I can dry off tomorrow.

Today was a pretty short day for me but there was so much mud! The weather was the same as it's been lately: cloudy and rainy. I climbed up over Wayah Bald where there was a rock tower on the top and some excellent views from inside it. I ran into Aaron today who I met on the first day and he was limping and in lots of pain. He told me he thought he may have stress fractures and that he was going to have to quit because of it. I really hope that's not the case because I know how much he wanted to do this. Today I ran into Hatchet, Stumbles, Hardware, Crash, Sweetwater, and Ukelady. I really enjoyed their company for the short time I had it. Peacock also texted me and told me that she hurt her knee and had tot get a ride back into town. I wonder if she'll come back.

Given that it rained today I had some more emotional moments. I'm starting to enjoy when it rains because I know that God has something he wants me to work through and the rain seems to keep bringing tears out. This time I thought a lot about how thankful I am that I have parents that love me and support me.

Tonight is my first night camping alone. It'll be nice to get an early start tomorrow without having to wait for anyone else. I feel really anxious about the idea of staying here alone but I want so badly to overcome that fear. I know I can do this. Overall today was awesome. I did have a little pain in my right knee and ankle but they were bearable. Stretching really helped and so did the shoes. They're amazing.

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