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March 22, 2021

March 22, 2021

LikinHikin Mar 26th, 2021
Tarzan's 2021 AT Section-Hike

Woke up to a light rain that let me in my bag until about 8am. The slight slope of the campsite ended up being a real pain in the ass. My sleeping pad kept sliding all around and my quilt would pop open every now and again. It was probably mid 30’s so cold enough to notice for sure. Even though I was laying down about 10 hours so I felt rested and ready to go.

Passed a lot of day hikers on the western edge of my loop and got back on the AT about 2pm to finish climbing Blood Mt. Compared to the climbs I’d already done Blood was cruisy and I was eating cold soaked ramen just in time. I was so dang hungry.

Great views from the top, good stretches, and got back to it before long. Passed a few of the NoBo’s I’d seen the previous day. Which means I’d done about 30 miles in the time they’d done a little less than 10... hey one foot in front of the other guys, I believe in you!

Was kinda hoping to hit some trail magic in the last 7 miles of AT but alas my luck had run out. I kinda bonked and felt pretty dang tired the last few hours. Made it back to the car about 6:30 which I felt pretty good about considering I’d gotten another 30 mile day in. This is the first time I’ve pushed my repaired ACL 100% in over a year and it did so good! I’m so proud of my body for healing =] now that I know I’m good I’ll start getting out as much as I can. Am I about to become a section hiker... oh no.

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