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Day 28

Day 28

Gold Rush Apr 3rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

4/3/21 After taking 3 zero days in Maggie Valley it was good to get back on the trail. Yesterday we went into Waynesville, NC which was a very nice town. Had dinner at Italian restaurant with Michele and Uncle Wilfred and Cindy which was nice. Hard to get everything ready for the morning as usual. Didn’t get to the trail until 11:30 lots of local day hikers parking lot full. Michele dropped me off always hard to say goodbye. Took the 3 zero days because temps in the mountains got to the single digits with some snow. Cool when I started hiking and ice on trail like a monorail we see in NH White Mountains in the spring. Slipped once slow going some snow on the ground. Trail otherwise nice stayed high on ridge throughout the day with excellent views as no leaves on the trees. Passed several thru hikers and section hikers which means my cardiovascular stamina is improving. In the past I would never pass hikers!! So this is good news. Stayed in the “top floor” of th Pecks Corner Shelter. Easier and Dave’s time as I don’t have to set up and then the next day put away my tent. Another cold night but warmer than past few nights. Have to get up early tomorrow as I have to hike 21.3 miles to get out of the Smokies and meet Cindy to pick up Piper. It will be nice to hike with her again.

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sarah_727 Apr 12th, 2021

Haha - now you're the guy passing people! That's super rewarding :) I bet you're stoked to get Piper back