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Day 3

Day 3

FurtherYonder Mar 30th, 2021
Further & Yonder's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

Gooch Gap Shelter to stealth site approx 9.5 miles

Hiked a short day today to avoid the no camping without a bear canister rule. Tomorrow we will be able to hike past that section but it would have been too much to go that far today.

Last night was a bit of a zoo at the shelter with all the tent sites taken. Luckily we were able to squeeze in with another tent but it wasn’t ideal. We learned from last night and found a nice stealth site tonight that we have all to ourselves with a nice view and everything.


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Comments (1)

Forrest Gump Apr 2nd, 2021

Glad you got a spot! My first days were so packed with people! Stealth spots are usually preferred for me too :D.