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Day 23

Day 23

Gold Rush Mar 29th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

3/28/21 Awoke after some rain overnight. Packed up the tent and started pouring with thunder and heavy winds. Couldn’t just put the tent again so filtered water and started hiking alone. Rain remained heavy, trail was a stream of water with wet leaves very slippery fell a few times no injury. Saw one hiker hiking down from the Mollies Ridge Shelter and one ridge runner. The rain basically stopped but then started raining heavy again. Kept hiking felt wet and cold went to Spence Field Shelter to change into dry clothes. 2 thru hikers were staying there that I met before. Their hammock nearly blew away in the storm so they were taking a zero day. One guy was doing acid and trying to build a fire. How can you thru hike and do acid? Decided to hike 6.7 miles to next shelter although it was late. It was getting cold and hike was hard with lots of climbing up and descents and took forever to reach shelter. Got to the Derrick Knob Shelter packed but they room for one more. So glad but couldn’t get situated as people were already sleeping. So basically no sleep.

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Comments (2)

sarah_727 Apr 12th, 2021

Your first taste of formidable weather! Happy to hear you soldiered through the rain and wind. Only blue skies going forward, hopefully!

Skycook Apr 6th, 2021

Hiking in cold rain is miserable! Hopefully you have blue skies now🌈 Planning to head south from CT on 4/18 ~Barb