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Day 12... grind it out...

Day 12... grind it out...

a_ourso Mar 25th, 2021
a_ourso's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 127.3 (Mike’s Place) to Mile 145.4 (Mary’s Place/Hiker Oasis)

I had wanted to stick around Mike’s until noon - and feel warmth (not sweaty warmth, just warmth) and do a short 13 mile day. However, we were all up and ready to go by 8:30... Andrea, Scout and I decided to camp at a tent site about 13.7 miles up the trail ... and save a big climb for the following morning... and set off on our ways.

I hiked with a gentle incline for most of the morning - it was quiet and a nice time to reflect on the past week. Scout was ahead of me and Andrea behind. At 2:00 - I found the perfect rock.. it was flat and large enough to lay down on.. had an adjacent rock just the right height to prop my feet on that also provided some shade from the relentless sun... I swear my time on trail can be summarized as hot days and freezing nights... I stopped for lunch and to change socks... I literally fell asleep on that rock... for about an hour... ON A ROCK!!! I woke up and kept on moving - I got to the designated camp spot at 3 and Scout wasn’t there... I assumed he had moved on since it was so early ... and feeling good - I decided to move on too - Getting a little of the climb out of the canyon today would be good I thought... I kept going and going and no scout... I looked in every tent site on my app... and no scout... I made the assumption he had decided to camp at water at mile 145 and thought why not... and began to again have power hour... I passed a cannabis farm... and continuously burped up the ginger ale I had packed out from Mike’s...(hint: do not drink hot ginger ale on a hot day with lots of climbing ... no matter how refreshing it looks).

I arrived at 145.4 at about 5:30... and no scout... I assumed he pushed even further and decided I was beat and was camping there... talk about a complete welcome 180 from Mike’s - Mary’s place named Hiker Oasis... had a little free library.., standup cutouts and quotes of transcendentalists: Thoreau, Whitman and Muir. It was as peaceful of a campsite that could be... again on a ridge in the middle of nowhere. And bonus there was a picnic table to cook on... no dirt in my rice tonight!!!

I could feel the temps dropping as I climbed I to my bag at 7pm... another cold night it was to be...at least the sunset was beautiful.

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Kshol Mar 26th, 2021