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Day 10 - my first 20!

Day 10 - my first 20!

a_ourso Mar 22nd, 2021
a_ourso's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 88.6 - Mile 109.5

Today was a highlight for sure! I passed the 100 mile marker... heck yeah! Just repeat 26.6 more times to Canada! I got to see a really cool rock formation called Eagle Rock (from the picture you can see why... and I walked 20.9 miles in one day!!!

The day started off great - nothing was wet for a change (condensation and freezing temps have made morning chores a struggle). My legs felt good and my blisters were so covered with tape and patches - it’s like they aren’t even there. I needed to get to water, so set off without coffee at a quick pace to mile 91 - I arrived with barely a quarter liter left - but found a ton of water jugs that are maintained by a trail angel- thank you! Thank you! Thank you! At the water cache, I found Judy - an older lady hiking that I had seen quickly in Laguna and who to the pride of all hikers told off the grumpy man running the lodge there.

I carried on and came upon Gordon (from Charlotte, NC) - whom I met at the brewery my last night in Julian with Charlie - he was still chilling late in the morning with his camp intact - so I took a seat on a log and broke out the other half of my sandwich and chatted. As I headed on - I started thinking about campsites for the day - between 101 and 109 there was nothing listed - I realized at mile 95 that I would get to 101 too early in the afternoon and called the yoga retreat that some of my friends were staying at nearby - but they were booked - Gordon came up behind me and said he was pushing to 109 - and then he was gone - I mean barely caught the back of his shirt gone - and when I left him at his campsite he still had about an hour of camp chores to do... wth?!

As I got to the water source at 101 - I once again caught a flash of the back of Gordon and decided if I caught him I was giving home the trail name - gone-zo.

I pushed on through some easy but beautiful miles that crossed over some wide open meadows - in the distance you could start to see the yellow fields showing the sign of the spring bloom here in California... and a few California poppies starting to bloom.

Cruising through at a 4mph pace - I was feeling good - climbing out of the meadows - the wind kicked in and walking into it slowed me down a bit - I reached Eagle Rock and stopped for a bit to air out my shoes and enjoy such a natural phenomenon- then carried on determined - I may have been shuffling the last half mile - but as I walked up to the Warner Springs firehouse and saw Gordon and Tenderfoot heading back from town - I felt amazed that while slower... I had traveled further than both of these young fellas for the day - we decided to backtrack a half a mile to camp by a stream - Gone-zo set up a campfire - my first on trail and I made dinner to share.

It was another perfect day!

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