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Day 17

Day 17

Gold Rush Mar 23rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

3/23/21 Got a late Start as usual. My trail family consisting of Elizabeth, squash and Two-fer have moved on as I have cut back by miles because I’m going to be meeting Michele prior to the Smokies two pick up Piper. Hopefully I will catch up with him later. Today was a quiet day seeing only three other hikers that I passed. One named pretzel who I have met before I saw after hiking about 4 miles. She had set her Hammick up in a beautiful spot but basically 2 feet from the trail.She felt too tired to continue on with her friends. I also passed two people I admit yesterday he were on the AT going into the Smokies but not to do the Appalachian Trail but to do the North Carolina mountains to coast trail which starts at Clingmans Dome and ends at Cape Hatteras. I have not heard of that but there are so many long trails this one over 1000 miles. Crossed a major road but it was late in the day and no trail magic. Decided to camp alone with piper just passed the brown fork gap Shelter. There was a small spring. Started drizzling just as it got to the site and put up the tent quickly. I think I’m getting better at setting it up. Filtered water, Fed piper had a freeze dried dinner and placed my Ursack. Everything is starting to become more routine which is good.Currently at mile 153.2 which is only 14.3 miles from the start of the Smokies. Have reserved a place at the Fontana lodge to wait for Michele and will take a zero dayOn Friday. The picture is piper on Cheoah Bald at 5062 feet of elevation.

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Comments (2)

sarah_727 Apr 12th, 2021

Glad to hear that setting up camp is becoming easier and more routine! Excellent Pipey pics :)

Skycook Mar 25th, 2021

Great photos of Piper the trail dog, and great to hear you're breezing through the miles! I hope you enjoy the Smokies. I'm looking forward to returning there for a section or two, after hopefully catching you somewhere and doing some trail support sometime between Apr. 15 and 22. By the way, Darcy says Hot Springs is not to be missed! Barb