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Day 10

Day 10

Gold Rush Mar 16th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

3/15/21 On 3/13/21 stayed in bunk room at around the bend hostel. Very nice owners only had top bunk lifted Piper up into bed. She did well but around 4:00 AM someone was up so Piper wanted out. I had to lift her down she was fine but I slipped on the floor thought I was okay but noticed blood on my shirt and noted a cut on my left elbow cleaned it and worried I needed stitches at urgent care. Staff at hostel thought it was fine sent picture to Joan and she didn’t feel sutures needed. Semi retired ophthalmologist thought I might which panicked me but relied on Joan’s advice and she never steers me wrong. Haven’t looked at it since then but isn’t painful any more. Went into Hiawasse Georgia with others from the hostel to large grocery store Ingles and they had everything. Got back at 1:30 PM and Joan’s package was there. At the store Elizabeth watched Piper. She is an amazing bright energetic 24 yo woman from Richmond Virginia who recently lost her previously healthy Mom from Streptococcal pneumonia.Needed Ecmo had amputation and died late last year at age 52. She loves Golden Retrievers has one at home and Piper loves her. She introduced me to her father on the phone.I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in her life but so predict it will be something amazing. Told her father she should be proud of his daughter. Got back to trail head at Dicks Creek at about 3:90 PM hiked 4.5 miles to Plumorchard Shelter. Piper and I stayed in the shelter with Elizabeth,Two Fer and Pistor all 3 nice young women.I’m the old man. Late that night pouring rain and thunderstorms. Hard to get up as it was still lightly raining which continued all day and today hiked about 13 miles to Standing Indian Shelter which was crowded so set up tent. Did cross into NC from Georgia at mile 78.1. At today’s shelter lots of people so set up tent. Drizzling all day and rain expected for next few days,

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sarah_727 Mar 24th, 2021

So happy to hear you're making lasting friends! What's Elizabeth's trail name? Super glad the cut on your elbow didn't require you to leave the trail. Crisis averted--great work! Is it weird to go into town and return to "normal life" after being essentially a nomad the rest of the time?