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Day 6

Day 6

Gold Rush Mar 12th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

3/12/21 Piper did well at the cottage. I tried to organize things. Picked up at 8:45 AM driven to Neel’s Gap. Hiked about 11.5 miles to Low Gap Shelter. Sunny and hot at times. Took picture of the tree of shoes. Met first trail angels set up in small school bus. Woman from Ireland and man from Maine who hooked up on AT and later got married. Had hot dog and one beer (natural light) of all types but can’t complain. Got in to campsite around 4:30 PM lots of people all happy to see Piper she is becoming a celebrity and daily her confidence and fear is improving. Terrain of north Georgia similar to Vermont with mountains and farms. Hiking PUDS (pointless ups and downs) Mountains in the 3,000-4000 feet elevation but have nice switch backs unlike NH where trails go straight up.

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sarah_727 Mar 24th, 2021

I hope Piper had a hot dog (but not a beer), too! I bet that was quite a treat :)