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Day 91

Day 91

VeeStamats Jul 29th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Somehow, we woke up in the morning, made our way to a water source, then bushwacked straight to the road parallel to the trail to hitch. We made it around 2 miles before two cars drove up, and a PCT thru hiker who quit this year due to injury, picked us up in the back of his subaru that he had cleared out specifically to pick up hitchhikers.

He drove us straight to Ashland and took us to our friends’ Airbnb where we showered and I ate their leftover ice cream. Then we went to Morning Glory for second breakfast, and Tim was finally able to keep some food down!

We then went thrift shopping, got smoothies, and checked into our hotel, and ended the day with dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant with friends followed by a game of ultra light Settlers of Catan (board handmade by Runway out of felt). The day was restful and exactly what we needed.

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