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Day 90

Day 90

VeeStamats Jul 29th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike


We crossed the long awaited state line after hanging out for breakfast with buds at the Donomore cabin. It was 6:30 am, which meant it was the perfect time for a shot of fireball. We celebrated, then hit the trail.

Unfortunately, 6:30 am was not the perfect time for fireball in Tim’s stomach. Soon after, Tim started to feel ill. We made it a few miles before his stomach completely turned and he could not keep down fluids or food. We had to cut our planned 28 mile hike out to a 17 mile hike to a campsite near a road so that we could bail early. By the end, we were hardly traveling one mile per hour, with frequent breaks, and me occasionally taking Tim’s pack to reduce his effort. It was tough to keep our spirits up.

We ended up camping near an old shelter, after debating whether to get Tim off trail for an extra night in town than planned. Finally, we decided to camp it out. That was probably the wrong choice.

Ultimately we both ended up skipping about 9 miles of trail to get out the next morning, since Tim still could not hold down calories or water.

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