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Day 94

Day 94

VeeStamats Jul 29th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

We woke at 4 am to alarms all around us urging us to get up and join the others in an insufferably early start to the day. We were the first out of camp, and by 9 am had walked 10 miles, finishing up 21 miles by 1:30 pm at a hut with a large well/water pump.

We napped/ate/read for 2.5 hours amongst the other 20 or so hikers crowding all the shady spots around the hut. We waited until 4 pm to hit the road again for the final 10 mile push, and because Vee got a nap in, we made it in to camp first. Five minutes into arriving at the river, a trail angel approached me and said they had pizza, beer, sodas and fruit for hikers! We’ve never had such perfectly spontaneous and important trail magic!

There is nothing better than pushing like crazy in unbearable heat for 32 miles to be completely surprised by two drop in trail angels in a sprinter van. I will never forget this beautiful day.

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