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Day 88 - Seiad Valley

Day 88 - Seiad Valley

VeeStamats Jul 23rd, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Today’s trek was 21 miles into Seiad Valley. Started off strong, early wake up in the dark, beautiful sunrise hiking and cool morning air. But then Tim’s stomach turned and it was a struggle getting through the miles.

By mile 14 we hit the infamous 6 mile road walk 😭 no shoulder, cars passing 40-60 mph next to us, exposed, heat of the day. But we finally made it IN THE NICK OF TIME unknowingly arriving just before the cafe closed! I got a vanilla malt and burger and it made the whole day better.

The store was also an amazing resupply for hikers, essentially only carrying things hikers would need for backpacking (no normal human food).

Seiad valley is known for its interest in becoming the 51st state and we experienced this at essentially every house we walked by, along with stories from the locals about the X X emblem. We heard the Xs represented Oregon and California, or that folks in this area were “double crossed” ha! Who knows.

Then we started the massive daunting climb out, making it 4 miles out of the valley and part way up the hill, on our last stretch to Oregon!

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