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Day 158

Day 158

Last Call Jul 30th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I’m sick of my sleeping pad going flat. All the sticky patches (3 of them now) haven’t been able to stop the air from pushing through. This was a short day down to Hiker’s Welcome Hostel. I set up my tent here and luckily there was glue I could use to glue down a patch. I hope it fully dries so I can blow it up to sleep on tonight and see if it worked. I’m taking a free shuttle this evening to pick up a pizza, a roll of TP and just enough snacks to get me over Mt Moosilauke tomorrow. That’s it. Short and sweet today. Tomorrow will be epic and I cannot wait. Oh, I will hit 1,800 miles tomorrow. Got a picture of the 400 mile mark for SOBO. That made me SO happy since that means I only have 400 left to go.

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