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Day 157

Day 157

Last Call Jul 29th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I’ve never had so much fun getting by butt kicked. After a long descent off of Smarts Mountain and getting water, it was time for a long climb up Mount Cube. The weather was great. The climb was tough. The view at the top was incredible! I sat on top of Mount Cube, chugged a bottle of water and at my snacks for the day just staring at that view. All I could think is, “This is why I’m here!” After that, it was time to descend again and then fill up all my water bottles and a little extra in my dirty water bag because there isn’t any water at the campsite nor do I think I’ll come across water any time soon tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a short 7.5 mile day down to NH Route 25 where I’ll be going to Hiker’s Welcome Hostel to do a small resupply if just lunch and snacks to carry over Mt. Moosilauke the following day. I’m so excited for that. Talk about a butt kicker! I already have a bunk reserved at Notch Hostel after I finish climbing that mountain where I hope to do a full resupply and get cleaned up to head into the White Mountains and the Presidentials. I started planning out the rest of my days and if I was to take no more zeros, weather is good and I do moderate distances, I’d reach Katadhin on Sept. 2nd. I am still working on it and hope to be able to do bigger miles on some days to shorten that finish date. I really wanted to finish on August 25th, which would have been my 6 month goal. We’ll see what happens. Oh, most of the area where it looks like you can set up your tent at Ore Hill Campsite is full of dead trees. Widow maker central! I saw one spot that looked like a good spot for my tent but I was iffy about a dead tree next to it. I walked up to it, gave it a little push with my hand and it immediately separated from the ground and came crashing down. I just pushed over a freakin’ tree! That was a big NOPE for me. Sparkle was there looking shocked I just pushed a tree down. We decided we’d set up in the clearing where there used to be a shelter here. At the last minute, I decided to walk down the path that goes to the water source we already learned had no good water, just a muddy puddle, and I saw a really nice spot that would fit both of our tents and all the trees around it were live. Much better. Gotta be careful with widow makers, ya’ll. Don’t want a tree falling on you in the middle of the night.

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