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Day 156

Day 156

Last Call Jul 28th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

So I have figured out to plan my days not by miles but by the total feet I climb in the day. Today was only 12.2 miles today but I climbed a total of 4,259 feet. I descended 3,186 feet but I can handle descents just fine. It’s the climbing that kicks my butt. I can get in as many miles as I can if I can keep the feet climbed under 4,500, which is where I completely wear out. Today was all about getting to Smarts Mountain. I got a great view and picture of it first thing in the morning and it looked a lot further than 12.2 miles. Every time I got a view of the mountain, I’d take a picture so I could put them in my Relive video so we can see it get closer and closer throughout the day. It was a crazy climb up that mountain. It was so steep, there were sections that would go from rock steps to like a wooden ladder to rebar steps nailed into the rock. I got a great camp spot up on an overlook but it’s a bit exposed and I’m in my tent typing this as crackling thunder is rolling over and the wind is really picking up. I am expecting to get pummeled with rain but I’ve been through this before. Hopefully it passes just as fast as it’s heading for me. Good thing I got here and stopped early as well as had my dinner early. There really wasn’t anywhere else close ahead for me to camp so this spot had to work. I pulled my doors in towards my tent mesh to cut down on splashback and I’m also set up on grass, which also seems to help alleviate splashback and it seems to be helping. I’m not having as much of an issue with rain getting into my tent as I have in the past. Okay, so tomorrow, I have 12.4 miles planned to Ore Hill Campsite setting me up for somewhat of a nero (7.5 miles) into the White Mointains and to NH State Hwy 25 where I plan to go to Hiker’s Welcome Hostel. I hear amazing things about that place and they apparently do a great job teaching hikers how to best traverse The Whites and through The Presidientials. My hope is to only resupply snacks and lunch as the next day will be a massive climb over Mount Moosilauke. It’s a 4K mountain that I’ll reach, climb and descend all in 9.5 miles to Kinsman Notch at Route 112 where I’ll try to get a ride into North Woodstock. I hear great things about The Notch Hostel there and will stop there after bagging Moosilauke and will resupply for the rest of the journey over the Presidential mountain ranges.

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