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Day 155

Day 155

Last Call Jul 27th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

It was an early morning leaving Hanover. Had to do a ~15 minute walk from the hotel to the bus stop to ride back to Main St in Hanover first. That’s all bonus miles I didn’t track because I didn’t want my saved track from my Garmin watch to add in the bus ride. Anyway, it was an easy walk out of town as it was early, kinda chilly and foggy. I walked out of town with Sparkle and we passed by the Dartmouth Athletic Center then back into the woods. The climbs are about to get crazy but I know the views coming up will be insanely worth it! We only did a little over 11 miles today to just beyond Moose Mountain Shelter to the tenting area. To make sure I cover the true AT trail, I didn’t take the blue blazed trail to the shelter since it loops and connects to the AT twice with the tenting area being near the northern end. Instead, I went past the blue blazed trail to the shelter, stayed on the white blazed AT section and then took the northern end of the blue blazed trail back towards the shelter stopping at the tenting area. This way I don’t have to walk back to do the small section of AT trail. That probably doesn’t make any sense without seeing the map. Bottom line is that I want to simply walk north off the blue trail back to the AT and not have to do any backtracking. We had to load up with water a few miles back as there’s no water up here. It doesn’t look like we’ll hit water for a while tomorrow either so I need to conserve. It stinks having to carry all that water up a mountain to a shelter. Most shelters are near reliable water sources but not all. I’m at camp early but I like an easy day out of town. There’s some big elevation climbs starting tomorrow and also rain with a possibility of thunderstorms and small hail. For that reason, I am only planning about 12.2 miles tomorrow to Smarts Mountain where there is a tower you can climb and get into. I may want to spend the night in the tower if it’s hailing or in the fire warden’s cabin that is there and can sleep 8 people. I prefer my tent but the possibility of hail is a good reason to stay in a shelter. Countdown: 431 miles left!

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