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Day 154

Day 154

Last Call Jul 26th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Spent a zero in Hanover hanging out with Sparkle. She’s just a sweet lady and I’m so thankful for her sharing her hotel room with me. This is what I needed to save money in these hotels… someone I’m comfortable with to share the room and the cost. It was also nice to have someone to hang out with going to lunch, walking around Dartmouth College, getting ice cream and then just joking around and having dinner delivered to the hotel room via DoorDash. It’s nice also to have someone to talk about the upcoming sections and figuring out the logistics. I’m faster than she is by a little bit but looks like we will be following the same safe plan from here until we get over Mt. Moosilauke. If all goes well, I’ll be over that mountain on the 31st. We’re getting up really early after 5am to catch the earliest bus back to downtown Hanover where we will continue on the trail on the road where we left it. Oh, I have my fingers crossed that my new patch job holds on my sleeping pad.

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