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Day 153

Day 153

Last Call Jul 25th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I had a few issues first thing this morning. The patch on my sleeping pad seems to have given out and air was escaping around it so I was blowing up my pad again every hour. Also, a big rain front came through late at night so I had to open up my tent to pull my vestibule doors inwards to ensure I didn’t have any splashback and when I did that, somehow one of the slowest things on the planet, a slug, made it into my tent along with a daddy long leg. I know because I felt something tickle across my face making me realize a daddy long leg was crawling over me so I had to grab that and toss it out just in time for a slug to drop down and land on my sleeping pad next to my shoulder. Talk about getting the creeps! It was an interesting night for sure. I didn’t sleep well at all, as would have been expected. Ah, the adventure! The rain continued as I packed up a wet tent and headed back into the woods. I caught up with Sparkle who was the only other hiker tenting next to me at the trail angel’s place. We hiked together into New Hampshire and stopped at Lou’s for breakfast and a free donut they give to hikers. Just about every hotel is booked solid and prices are really high because this is a college town and they’re catching up on all the homecomings, proms and such that had been held back due to Covid. I had planned to resupply and push on out of town but now that my pad was leaking and I was soaked to the bone, Sparkle mentioned she had a hotel room for two nights as she was going to zero and offered for me to stay in her room. I appreciated the offer and decided I needed laundry and to clean up and we were able to get a rollaway bed added to the room. It is a win/win because I would pay for one night and she’d pay for one night and we’d get two nights each out of it. I was going to just shower and do laundry at the community center in town but word is they don’t do that for hikers anymore so I’m so thankful she is comfortable enough to let me share a room. She’s a wonderful lady and we seem to have the same sense of humor so it’s been a blast. We are happy to be in New Hampshire. We resupplied, showered, did laundry and ordered food to the room. That leaves us having a true zero tomorrow and work on planning the upcoming days into the White Mountains. I assume I won’t have a lot of cell service in the alpine zones so you may not hear much from me as often as I’ve been posting. I’ll do what I can. Those of you who have my Garmin link will still be able to know where I am. That’s it for today. It was a short one but I’m gonna enjoy myself here and get ready for the really big, epic climbs coming up. 442.2 miles to go!!!

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