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Day 152

Day 152

Last Call Jul 24th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Now this is more like it! I’m feeling good, the backpack is doing well (I am wrapping my sun shirt around my waist for more padding to the hip belt) and I am back to a decent amount of miles even on a day with constant ups and downs. I did 17.3 official miles (18.41 true miles). I am in West Hartford, VT camped out in the backyard of Capt’n Stash and Scooter’s home. They have a gazebo with power, a yard for tenting, a babbling brook to soak in, drinking water and a privy! This just made my day after an amazing day of hiking. I even got a burger and Gatorade at trail magic at the library before meeting Scooter and being invited to come camp. I’m the only one tenting back here with a fellow hiker named Sparkle. These amazing trail angels cooked us up a couple pizzas and a Fresca. People along this trail are just amazing. Honestly, I had such a great day even picking some blackberries but this experience here in their backyard just blows everything away today. I should be ready to head out tomorrow in the morning to enter New Hampshire, resupply in Hanover, hit the community center where I can shower and do laundry, then I’ll head back out to the first shelter on trail ready to enter the White Mountains. I’ve said it before. Life is good! Oh, I have to add the picture of the chipmunk in the tree. I actually stopped to pee and when I looked up, there he was frozen just looking at me. Gave me a laugh and I had to take his pic. Cute little guy!

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