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Day 151

Day 151

Last Call Jul 23rd, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

There was a fast and loud moving animal moving around my tent last night and it hit one of my guy lines twice. I couldn’t catch it with my light but later, I heard a snort like some kind of wild hog. Not sure. It would also get near my tent, stand there and just scratch. It’s the same sounds I heard back around Stratton Pond. I’m still curious what it is. I’m sure it’s looking for food near these shelters where it’s learned some people are lazy with storing or dropping food. I realized that last night was my 100th night sleeping in my tent on this journey. I’ve really come to love this tent, although it has problems with splash back in heavy rain. It’s been home for a while so it gives me comfort at the end of the day and I like my routine where I place everything and I don’t mind the process of setting up or tearing down. So many talk that they dread dealing with a tent as why they stay inside the shelters. I don’t mind at all. It’s like a ritual now. Guess that’s why I’ve only stayed in 4 shelters. There’s not much to say about today. I barely did 10 miles. That irritates me a bit because here I say I’m ready to wrap this hike up and then I do something like stupid low miles like the distances in my first month. Yes, there were some decent elevation today but it wasn’t bad. My real problem is there just not being a lot documented places to camp up ahead. It was either 9.9 to this shelter or something like 22 miles. You’re not supposed to camp anywhere but designated sites. There needs to be more camp locations then. I had a descent after the shelter today that even had a steep drop off of a rock face. Then trail maintainers has strapped a metal ladder for us to climb down. Too funny! Yes, I had to get a video going down it, which means I had to go down it twice and once up to get it on camera. The rest of the day was just taking my time. When I stopped to filter water, I sat there and at all my snacks for the day. When I got to this shelter early in the day, I ate my lunch. After setting up my tent and hanging my food bag line, I filtered more water and just relaxed until dinner. Then I jumped in my tent away from all the buzzing insects and read until bedtime. Tomorrow, I’m planning a 17.3 mile day to West Hartford, VT. There’s apparently a lady named Lynda who has a green house and a blue barn with a big AT symbol on it. She has beds and outlets in the barn, a portapotty, places to camp in the yard and free sodas. Sounds like a fun and unique place to stay. I think there’s a group of young hikers in a trail family planning on staying there too so I’ll look to set up my tent. This will set me up to do 9.7 miles into Hanover, NH where I can finish any resupply I need to do, gear charging, find a place to get cleaned up and then hopefully hike back out the same day to a shelter around 1.7 miles out of town.

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