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Day 149

Day 149

Last Call Jul 22nd, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Today was an easy hiking day but a rough town day. Didn’t plan it well. First, the day started with a nice climb that kept getting more intense the closer I got to the top of Mount Killington. Of course I had to do the extra blue trail up to the peak. Man, was that insane! I should have left my pack at the bottom of the blue trail and just taken a single trekking pole. I spent a lot of time using my hands to hold on to trees to pull myself up along the steep rocks to the top. What a view! That was SO worth it! It was even sketchier going back down but I felt so good and energized with that view that I didn’t care. On the way down to Route 4, the thunder started. Where did that come from? I got to the road, met two other hikers and we waited for the free bus that takes you to town for free. I didn’t plan this town very well. My hotel was in one spot, the Price Chopper where I wanted to shop for my resupply was about a mile away and the shoe place where I wanted to get my 5th and, hopefully, last pair of shoes was 2.1 miles away in another direction. I got to the hotel, did my laundry and shower, walked to the shoe place, got my shoes, hit an Applebee’s since the sky opened up and the rain started again, had a couple beers, 10 wings and 4 chicken tacos, then headed to Price Chopper. I did my food shopping, got back to the hotel and had just enough time to hit the steakhouse in front of my hotel that I really wanted to go to. Yes, I went to eat again. Hey, doctors orders! LOL! Oh, I didn’t have much. Just a house salad, rib eye, twice baked potato, green beans, an old fashioned, a manhattan, and then finished with an ice cream sundae and a glass of Grand Marnier. See? Nothing crazy! ROFL! My waitress, Kenzie, was just awesome! I hate going to a restaurant the last hour before closing and being there past that. She was the best though. I got back to the hotel and had to repack all my food resupply into my food bag and stuff my backpack. Damn, I’m going to be heavy leaving this place. I think I went overboard on food. Guess I’ll just have to eat it. Okay, time to post my stuff and get to bed. I’m up WAY to late but time has been against me today.

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