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Day 147

Day 147

Last Call Jul 19th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Last night was a VERY wet night! Glad I had the platform anchors to set my tent up on a platform last night since that was the only options there but the splashback was bad. Everything was soaked in the morning. The foot box of my quilt was very damp and there was water pooled in each corner of the tent and some under my sleeping pad. Considering the massive amount of rain being dumped on my tent all night and well into the morning, I’m happy with how dry I was but still, this Duplex tent just lets too much water in for my liking. It was a very wet tent, inside and out, when I went to fold it up. I then got to experience some sections which I would call Vermud. It wasn’t too bad. In most places, there are rocks or wood you can walk on to keep out of the mud. Just plan your steps carefully. The climb up Baker Peak was breathtaking and I really liked the clouds sliding across the mountain across from it. Beautiful views! Made for a good start to the day. I’m still dealing with some dull pain in my shoulder, as is to be expected for a while, but it worked it’s way out for the most part throughout the day. I am really enjoying the new pack. I already somehow rubbed a hole in the mesh on the back stuff pocket so that’s a little annoying. Hopefully it doesn’t rip any bigger. Little Rock Pond was definitely the nicest pond I’ve crossed yet and it was full of people sitting on the water’s edge almost all the way around. Too crowded for me so kept on moving. I was happy to get to see the Rock Garden. I’ve seen pictures and videos of it before. It’s said it was created by magical woodland gnomes. Back in 2017, some idiot destroyed all the stacked rocks but luckily the gnomes were not phased and they continued to rebuild to this day. (Just to help out, I lifted one small rock and put it on top of a small stack. I hope the gnomes don’t mind.) With the late start due to all the rain and for taking it easy still, I’m happy with the 14 AT miles I did today to the Greenwall Shelter. It took forever to find a tree to hang my food bag but dinner tonight was delicious and very high in calories, just as the doctor ordered. I mixed 280 calories worth of pepperoni sticks with bacon bits and a white chicken packet within Annie’s Mac & Cheese. I have to say, that was absolutely wonderful! I must do that combination again! I just wish I had some dessert to go with it. LOL!

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