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64 — Matterhorn Creek

64 — Matterhorn Creek

Strider Jul 8th, 2022
Strider's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 948.3–962.8 (14.5 miles)

Rose: hilariously missing the good lake of the day Thorn: missing the good lake Bud: there are more lakes ahead

I’m tired aftern Casey’s visit. I think I’ll sleep in some more.

I didn’t leave camp until 8:30. My body has lost its robot operation of walking. Everything feels hard and tired and tight and soft. Some strides it feels good, but for the most part, I feel tired.

The walk went uphill for a while. I spent most of the day in dappled forests. Good thing too, because I could tell that the direct sun was warmer than comfortable. Around 11, I walked through a long beautiful meadow where I used my umbrella for sun protection.

I ate lunch overlooking giant granite buttresses of the next valley. A short while later, I filtered water and took a short nap next to a lush river while others did laundry or took lunch. Then up and up where I took lots of breaks.

I was searching for a pretty lake that was good for swimming. I came across a pond and was disappointed. I followed a social trail to a nicer lake about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. No one else was there. I wondered if this was indeed the lake with the hype around it. It was pleasant enough. I laid in the grass and enjoyed the breeze and warmth of the sun for about an hour. ~

Not a mile later I found the proper lake. What a glorious lake to have siestaed at. As I arrived, many hikers were packing up and getting down the trail. I was stunned at my stupidity at the earlier “lake.” I lingered, talking with a couple of NPS bio techs, for 30-40 minutes.

An exit through a beautiful meadow, up a bit more to a beautiful pass. The mountains were round and also scraggly in the distance. Beautiful.

Descent with lots of good views. Another beautiful meadow, this time deep at the bottom of a canyon. Half a mile farther and I made camp next to three other tents.

It was not a social event, however, because the mosquitos were out. I wouldn’t say clouds of mosquitos (although I was wearing bug spray to deter them) but enough to drive us into our individual tents. I set up my tent far enough away that I couldn’t engage anyone in conversation. My tent is so small. It’s rather unpleasant doing anything but lie down and sleep in it. All the snacks I got at the Asian grocery, though, have proven so tasty.

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