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Day 62

Day 62

VeeStamats Jun 27th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

“Are you guys hiking to Canada?” - seven year old brown haired girl at Echo Lake Chalet.

Today was mostly good, but unfortunately ended in vampire territory with swarms of mosquitos for the last two miles 🦟

We had a very late start to the day, quickly followed by a breakfast beer from a recent trail angel. We then arrived at the Echo Lake Chalet and Echo Lake. We lamented the fact that we were hiking through a very VERY crowded backpacking/hiking area on a weekend; it seemed that every one of the tens (possibly 100?!) of hikers we met did not know common trail courtesy of giving the right to way to the uphill hiker, so on the uphills we felt quite perturbed.

However, we both got enough service to download some distractions, so Tim listened to music while I caught up on recent Supreme Court actions via various political podcasts.

Many lakes today, which were beautiful, but also meant many mosquitos. I could do without so much water at this point.

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