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Day 53

Day 53

VeeStamats Jun 18th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

We woke after our zero in Mammoth very sleepy but very rested.

We took a shuttle to Red’s Meadow, skipping ~ 3 miles of trail to avoid re-doing 3.5 off-trail miles. Red’s Meadow was just how I remembered it. The food was just as expensive. The line of hikers at Reds waiting for the shuttle was startling, easily 30 people, after our group saw next to no one in Mammoth while we were there. We believe we are once again between bubbles of hikers.

We met some alpacas today, as well as some mules and horses. This section was popular for trail animals.

I took a 6 minute nap today on trail—we were truly zombies out there today, managing sugar and caffein crashes, minor sleep deprivation, and full stomaches at the same time. The very cold weather did not help (low today of 27).

I’m finally in my quilt where I have wanted to be all day, and nothing could make me leave our tent until morning.

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