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Day 117

Day 117

Last Call Jun 19th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

It was a cold start to the day but sunny. It was around 50 F but the strong winds gusts made it feel colder. It took me a while to force myself out from under my quilt and liner. The hike down to Delaware Water Gap was pretty nice but there were A LOT of day hikers, I assume because it was a Sunday? Maybe everyone wanted to go on a hike with dad on Father’s Day? There was definitely a lot of families and guys carrying little kids. There were also two, shall we say “hefty” ladies walking up completely out of breath and asked me, “Where is the end of this trail? Does it loop back to a parking area? Where did you start?” When I answered that I started in Georgia, they just laughed and said, “No, really.” That’s when I got a good laugh telling them, “Yeah, really!” They had no idea what the AT was or even noticed the white blazes on the trees. They got a quick lesson, that’s for sure. I think they turned around right then and headed back to their cars. LOL!

After getting down to Delaware Water Gap, I had lunch at Village Farmer & Bakery. It was very pricy for what I got but I was happy. I also got to juice up one of my batteries just a bit more. After that, I headed on to the bridge crossing the Delaware River, which is actually I-80 with a walkway next to it. Kinda freaky walking next to cars moving at freeway speed with nothing but a waist high concrete wall between you and those cars. Halfway across and I stepped over the painted State line that says New Jersey on one side and Pennsylvania on the other. Goodbye PA! May I never have to hike you again! As soon as I got off the roads and to the trailhead, there was a line of cars trying to find parking in the already full lot. I got another laugh when a lady in her car was waving at me and yelling out, “Are you about to leave?” I yelled back, “Lady, I walked here from Georgia so I’m still going and I don’t have a car.” She just stared at me dumbfounded. Good times! Yes, the rocks are continuing but I feel good. My shoes are holding up well. I didn’t have near as much foot pain this morning as in previous mornings. I hiked on until I got to an area where they allow thru hikers only to set up camp (min 50 ft and max 100 ft from the trail) and I pitched my tent, had dinner and hung my food bag. Only problem is that this spot, while very soft as my tent is on top of thick grass, is very exposed to the heavy winds that are constantly gusting. Love this tent though. It’s holding strong! After looking at the map, I have 36 more miles of rocks like that of Rocksylvania and then I’m out of it.

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